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Moldovan speaker rounds up results of parliamentary spring-summer session 2017

18:45 | 02.08.2017 Category: Political

Chisinau, 02 August /MOLDPRES/ – The spring-summer parliamentary session of 2017 was an intense one where we succeeded in adopting more essential laws and reforms for Moldova, for modernizing the country and solving citizens' problems. The Moldovan Parliament has once again asserted, according to the role provided by the Constitution, as the key institution of our democracy, said Speaker, Andrian Candu, in a press conference dedicated to the balance of parliamentary activity in the first half of 2017, today.

"It was by Parliament's vote on issues placed as the head of the public agenda, whether being administrative reform, social issues, electoral system change or others. The Legislature supported and continued the implementation of the Association Agreement with the European Union, as that document has remained a priority for the actual government," said the Parliament Speaker.

Andrian Candu pointed out the most important patterns during the first session of 2017. The Speaker referred to financial and banking legislation aimed at fortifying the financial and real estate markets; Energy sector legislation; Regulatory reform to improve the business environment; Legislative acts in the field of state security, anti-corruption, audiovisual, etc.

In this context, Candu stressed the importance of government reform and the depoliticisation of the public office. "The conditions were created for the central government apparatus to be made up of a team of professionals and the political structure to be clearly delineated at the level of ministers. It is expected that the reduction of the number of ministers and the bureaucratic impact will be felt in a short time and we will see the efficiency of the central public administration," said the Speaker.

In other chain of ideas, the Speaker of the Parliament referred to the introduction of the mixed electoral system for the next parliamentary elections. "This project was voted by an important majority and being a genuine reform to bring Parliament closer to citizens and give people the opportunity to directly vote half of the MPs," said Andrian Candu.

The head of the Legislature mentioned the support of the development partners. He highlighted the work of parliamentary diplomacy, dialogue and relations with the EU and U.S. legislative forums. "The commitment of Parliament and Government to the Roadmap for the Priority Reform Agenda remains a tool that has demonstrated its effectiveness and ensuring good governance. We remain firmly in the position that Moldova's place is in the European family," said Candu.

Similarly, the Speaker outlined the high level of parliamentarism in the session which has finished, "in a more positive atmosphere, of greater mutual respect among MPs, despite divergent views in more matters, without physical alterations, verbal conflicts going beyond a certain threshold of decency."

According to the Speaker of the Parliament, 1925 reports, opinions and amendments to the draft legislative acts have been prepared since the beginning of 2017. The MPs succeeded in approving 125 laws and 47 judgments, and 135 other draft laws were passed in first reading. "I am sure that our work will have an impact on Moldova and the citizens’ welfare, being important for our democracy," summarised Andrian Candu.

(Reporter L. Grubii, editor L. Alcaza)