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Moldova needs to maintain position as regional leader in information technology

14:45 | 11.08.2017 Category: Economic

Chisinau, 11 August /MOLDPRES/- Maintaining and strengthening regional leadership in information technologies will be one of the core missions of the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure (MEI), which has taken over the management of the field. Minister of Economy and Infrastructure Octavian Calmic made a statement in this respect today at a meeting with staff of former Information Technology and Communications Ministry, absorbed as a result of government reform of MEI.

The deputy premier said that over past years, the information technology sector had been managed very effectively, which had placed Moldova among the regional leaders in the field.

Referring to the central public administration reform, Calmic said that “the ministries will deal with the elaboration and implementation of development policies and strategies, and agencies or other entities with their practical implementation. In this respect, following the reform, the new structure of the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure will include a number of specialists who will work out these policies, and those working in subdivisions of support will be able to find similar structures of the new ministry”.

All the employment will be carried out under a competition and professionalism of the candidates, he said. He assured that all the social rights of the staff will be ensured in the reorganization process.

Calmic said that an activity regulation of MEI will be worked out in the near future, as well as the structure and number of staff will be set. “I am sure we will form a functional structure, meant to effectively guide the areas of responsibility, thus ensuring an economic development of the country in all dimensions”, he said.

Calmic also said that a group of experts elaborated a joint programme on MEI short-term priorities by late 2017. At the same time, a comprehensive programme of short, medium and long-term actions is outlined, based on the government programme and country’s development programs, drafted by the government.



 (Reporter V. Bercu, editor A. Răileanu)