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Goods transit declarations to be submitted electronically

11:02 | 07.09.2017 Category: Economic

Chisinau, 7 September /MOLDPRES/- The Customs Code will be supplemented by a new article which provides for amendment of the procedure for submitting transit declarations on T1 goods. An order on the matter of the Customs Service will be published in the Official Journal of Moldova on 8 September.

Under new regulations, economic agents will be exempted from spending and the circulation and storage of a large volume of paper declarations at customs offices will be ruled out.

According to the Customs Service, amending legislation aimed at simplifying perfecting T1 transit declarations, reducing deadline for filling in the declarations, streamlining cross-border traffic, omitting direct contact between the customs officer and declaration and unifying customs clearance process.

Currently, the declarations are made electronically and on paper. The new regulations will be applied at Chisinau customs posts, Otaci-Moghiliov-Podolsk customs office, Cahul customs on 8 September, and in all border crossing points starting from 1 October.

The methodological rules on application of transit system in Moldova in the T1 procedure are valid for goods in transit, transported by rail or road, except for the goods transported under the TIR carnet cover. This does not apply to the transit of goods carried by private people.


(Reporter A. Zara, editor M. Jantovan)