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Moldovan government to propose repeatedly candidacy to position of defence minister

18:11 | 13.09.2017 Category: Official

Chisinau, 13 September /MOLDPRES/ – Prime Minister Pavel Filip announced that he had received a written rejection from the President of Moldova on the candidacy of Eugen Sturza for the position of Minister of Defence, stressing that he would submit the same candidacy again, at the beginning of the Cabinet of Ministers’ meeting today, the government’s communication and protocol department has reported.

Similarly, the PM said that the proposal announced by the President was a meaningless one, for the simple reason that Moldova has been a parliamentary country and not the president had to proposs candidates for the ministerial positions, concluding that the PSRM was not a governing party to that competence.

"From my point of view, it is a no-effect statement, like many others. I believe with certainty that that statement is more of an attempt to cover the lack of arguments about the blockages that the President created with regard to the National Army. Why does he do it, why does he want a weak army? I think the answer to the question is on the surface. Unfortunately, the President proves once again that he is not conducting the interests of our country," said Pavel Filip.

Pavel Filip also noted that if the President would again refuse to accept the proposed candidacy, he would violate the Constitution of Moldova, and there has been also a very clear decision of the Constitutional Court on the matter, which stated for the President to be obliged to accept the second nomination and not block the institution. "If he does, we are ready to take the next steps, so that we can remove this blockage once and for all around the Ministry of Defence, which is a very important institution," said Pavel Filip.

Also, referring to the President's recent public statements on the financial assistance to Moldova and the possible holding of parliamentary hearings on the issue, Prime Minister, Pavel Filip, specified: "If it is to get answers, but not for making a political show and polemics, I want to send a message to President: we are in the informational age and if he has internet, the State Chancellery website has long been published on the External Assistance Report for 2016 and there are reports of reception and use of external assistance yearly, and I do not see why we should go another way unless the interest is different."