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Moldovan sportsman says to face new challenge to clamber, preserve constantly in world Top – 50

13:52 | 15.09.2018 Category: Sport

Chisinau, 14 September /MOLDPRES/ – The interview given exclusively to the State Information Agency Moldpress by tennis player Radu Albot, semifinalist at the US Open Grand Slam tournament, double trial.

Question: Some sources indicate that you started practicing tennis at the age of 6, and others indicate that you were 8 years old. Which is the true one?

Answer: Both. My father familiarised me with tennis at the age of 6, and I played a little, trained me afterwards – I do not remember why – there was a break of about two years. Now, at a distance of years, I sometimes let myself think of what fantastic intuition my dear father had, then! I owe him a lot!

Q: The European Champion Under – 16, 11th World Junior Jersey after almost eight years of training. At these performances, what thoughts and ideas did you have?

A: If to be honest, that is how I like, none. I just liked it, crazy, playing tennis. I was still a kid. But at age 18, I grew up to become a professional player, and many things changed in my mentality. A dream has also come – to enter the world Top 100. At that age, there was something unimaginable about a Moldovan player, but that is why the dreams are dreams, because they are very beautiful, but far from reality, which is cruel, – I convinced – many times.

Q: The first professional tournament win in Futures, Challengers series, what did they impress you with?

A: There are, I think, some 20 big contests that many players want to win in the world and, frankly, it is hard for me now to point out one of them. All in all, they were very beautiful. Maybe some day, when I have some free time that I do not have, at all, at all, I will begin to derive the events and fix them firmly.

Not to mention the Grand Slam tournaments, which is a special story, the Davis Cup, the Olympic Games ...

Q: Together with Tunisian Malek Jaziri you produced the big surprise at the US Open, eliminating J. Rojer (Holland) – H. Tecau (Romania), Wimbledon (2015) and US Open (2017), 2 – 1, in the sixteenth of the tournament respectively, J. Murray (Great Britain) – B. Soares (Brazil), champions at the Australian Open (2016) and US Open (2016), 2 – 1 in the quarterfinals, (1-2) in the semifinal with world number 1 in January 2018, M. Melo (Brazil) – L. Kubot (Poland). How did you manage to get this incredible performance at the start of the competition?

A: The paradox is that we, as expressed Euronews TV commentator, "have come to the semifinal of not knowing where." Tell them that we did not even appear on the main picture at first, but we were placed as a reserve on the 65th place as alternative, in tennis slang. Someone, however, declined for various reasons to play, and we were admitted to contest. That is how I passed relatively easily by 2 – 0 in the first round of the British pair K. Skupski – N. Skupski, then – already very hard in the big fight: 2 – 1, the other pairs: J. Rojer – H. Tecau, C. Harrison – R. Harrison, J. Murray – B. Soares.

Q: And was the key to that success?

A: Perfect understanding, extraordinary psychological compatibility. I played with him on a tour and it was okay. We understand at a glance, from a sign. We feel great about each other. And not just in the field, but outside, on different occasions. Malek Jaziri is the ideal partner for me.

Q: Regretfully, some have the ability to count the money of others. Do you want to make some clarification on it?

A: Even more. For example, he is looking to pay personal coach Liam Smith (UK), two physiotherapists, magician, all trips, their accommodations, their meals, taxes that are in the US, for example 30 per cent of those sums, campings, etc. ... But let us focus on the bright face of things ...

Q: The new president of the National Tennis Federation, Ceslav Ciuhrii, offered you a prize of MDL 50,000 after the US Open, which you just handed to junior players Maxim Cazac and Ilie Snitari. What made you do so?

A: I remembered how many pains and hardships I went through until I found some money with my father to take part in tournaments abroad. Both are talented. I wanted to help them a little. I wish them success.

Q: You are a senior lieutenant in the sports team of the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (IGSU) of the Ministry of Interior Affairs (MAI). As far as I know the great performances, like the semifinalist at the US Open, they are appreciated in the Ministry with advancement in the post ...

A: I do not know anything about it.

Q: In 2015 you first entered the Top 100. You recently said that the next goal is to get on top of the top 50 tennis players in the world ...

A: That is right. And not only to join this prestigious hierarchy, where there is fierce competition, but to keep myself constantly in it.

Q: Can you tell us a little eva and personal life?

A: Probably some are interested in who the lady from the US Open was. She is my girlfriend, Doina, who helps me to feel good at the most important tournaments.

He was born on 11 November 1989 in Chisinau.

Under – 16 European Champion, World Ranking 11 (2002) Winner of 14 individual and 12 doubles tournaments,

Winner of 14 ATP Challenger Tour tournaments, at simple and 15 to double;

Winner of the Challenger Tournaments in Fergana (Uzbekistan, 2013),

Kolkata (India, 2015), Furth (Germany, 2016), Poznan (Poland, 2016), Shenzhen (China, 2017);

Wins at ATP Istanbul Open and Kremlin Cup tournaments (2015) in pair with Dusan Lajovic (Serbia) and Frantisek Cermak (Czech Republic) .

The events at four Grand Slam tournaments:

Australian Open, 2010 – 16, qualification stage, 2017 – 18, 1st Round Tour Garand, 2010 – 15, Qualification Phase, 2016 – 17, 1st Tour, 2018, 2.Wimbledon Tour, 2010 – 15, Qualification Phase, 2016 – 17, Tour 2, 2018 – Round 03. US Open, 2010 – 13, Qualification Round, 2014 – 16, 1st Tour, 2017, Tour 03, 2018, 1st Tour. Lot 95 in ATP Ranking in August 2018 at Simple and 65 at Double.

(Reporter I. Robu, editor L. Alcaza)

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