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Decision No 11 of National Extraordinary Public Health Commission from 15 May 2020

13:09 | 16.05.2020 Category: Official

Chisinau, 16 May /MOLDPRES/ - In accordance with the Article 58 from the Law No 10/2009 on the state supervision of the public health and the Decision No 10 from 15 May 2020 of the national extraordinary public health commission on the declaration of the emergency state in the public health sector, the national extraordinary public health commission,  


1. The central public administration authorities, local public authorities, all public entities of public and private law registered in Moldova, no matter the type of property and the legal form of organization, as well as all Moldova’s citizens and all private people staying in Moldova will ensure the strict observance of the following measures of control and combating the COVID-19 infection:    

1.1. ensuring the observance of the social distance of at least one metre, except for the cases when, under special provisions, the observance of a larger distance between people is established or in the case of the rules of carrying people in public transport;

1.2. observance of the rules of hands’ hygiene;

1.3. observance of the rules of respiratory hygiene;

1.4. the people for whom the self-isolation regime is set ensure the observance of the concerned regime under their own responsibility;

1.5. observance of the measures imposed by the authorities by the private people and legal entities who are in the areas or institutions with quarantine regime;  

1.6. personal monitoring by each private person of the health condition;

1.7. bearing of masks in the public transport, commercial spaces and closed public spaces, in the situation when the social/physical distance cannot be observed. The mask must cover both the mouth and the nose.  

2. The following measures of control and combating of the COVID-19 infection are established for the public medical and sanitary institutions and providers of health services of private law:

2.1. the strict carrying out of the management of the quality of the services provided, including of the measures of control of the COVID-19 infection in accordance with the normative acts in force;  

2.2. Organization of the eased access of visitors and accompanying people within the institution/provider;

2.3. Carrying out of the COVID-19 sorting of the patient;  

2.4. Organization and carrying out of the daily sorting of the staff employed at the beginning of the work shift;

2.5. Supplying the staff employed with protection equipment according to the exposure risk;

2.6. Monitoring of the correct use of the protection equipment;

2.7. Providing the institution with disinfectant products for the hygiene of hands and organization of cleaning and disinfection measures;

2.8. Organization of the staff’s training at the place of work as to the measures of prevention, control and combating of the infection with COVID-19;

2.9. Re-evaluation of the volume of activity of the staff employed for facilitating the organization of the distance work (based on assessment of the conditions of the work of the institution/provider, risk groups and family conditions of the employee: co-morbidities, age, minor children, people to take care for, etc.);     

2.10. Organization of the work of the arrangement of the working place with the observance of the measures of prevention according to the practical guide, Key measures for preventing the COVID-19 infection at the working place, approved by the Health, Labour and Social Protection Ministry.  

3. The private people and legal entities which carry out activities of railway and road transport in urban/district/inter-district traffic will ensure the strict observance of the following measures of prevention and control of the COVID-19 infection:   

3.1. Ensuring the protection of the staff which carries out the transport routes, through: (1) protection equipment (masks, gloves); (2) disinfectants (for hands and surfaces); (3) daily sorting of the staff employed at the beginning of the work shift (measuring the body temperature, health condition).

3.2. Adjusting the timetable of travel and the number of transport units, including with the restriction of the movement, in line with the Decisions of the national extraordinary public health commission;  

3.3. Self-monitoring of the health condition of the staff during the working day, by informing the employer;  

3.4. Limiting of the number of people in the railway and road transport in the district, inter-district traffic proportionally to the number of chairs available in the transport means and for the road transport in urban traffic – within the limit of 60 per cent of the embarking capacity;

3.5. Compulsory bearing of the protection masks by passengers;   

3.6. Observance of the measures of cleaning the surfaces after each route made at the terminus station;  

4. Additionally to the provisions of the point 1, the retail trade units will ensure the strict observance of the following measures:

4.1. Social distance of at least one metre and eased access inside;

4.2. Daily sorting of employees at the beginning of the work shift;

4.3. Monitoring of the employees’ health condition during the working schedule;

4.4. Providing the staff withy protection equipment;

4.5. Supply with disinfectants for hands at the entrance;

4.6. Access of visitors with masks in closed space;

4.7. Processing of the surfaces, baskets, wheelchairs, etc. with disinfectants and ensuring the regime of wet cleaning at least three times per day;   

4.8. Frequent airing of the space and, if possible, - permanent airing.

5. The stay in public places (woods, parks, alleys, beaches, etc.) in group with more than 3 people is banned till 30 June 2020, with possibility of extending the term of the prohibition, depending on the epidemiological situation. The observance of the social/physical distance of one metre remains compulsory, no matter the number of people present in public places;   

6. The stay of people older than 63 years outside the home and in public places without urgent need is banned till 30 June 2020, with possibility to prolong the interdiction term, depending on the epidemiological situation.  

7. Stay of people on playgrounds, sports fields, leisure areas is prohibited till 30 June 2020, with the possibility of extending the interdiction, depending on the epidemiological situation.  

8. The people who are in self-isolation regime at home are banned from leaving Moldova till 30 June 2020.

9. The organization and carrying out of all activities/sports and cultural competitions, as well as other measures/events in closed spaces/buildings is banned till 30 June 2020.  

10. The entrance by foreign citizens and stateless people in Moldova through the state border crossing points is banned till 30 June 2020, with the following exceptions:

10.1. family members of Moldovan citizens;

10.2. people with a long-term visa, a stay permit or a document equivalent to the stay permit issued by the authorities;  

10.3. people who move in professional interest, proved by visa, stay permit or other equivalent document;  

10.4. members of the diplomatic missions and consular offices accredited in Moldova, international organizations/missions, as well as the members of their families or the personal who can provide humanitarian assistance;

10.5. passengers in transit, including the repatriated ones as a result of providing of consular protection.

11. The people who cross the state border entering Moldova will compulsorily fill in an epidemiological card and will sign a declaration on one’s own responsibility to observe the self-isolation regime 14 days in places established;    

12. The drivers and staff for servicing transport means, who carry out the transportation of goods, the crews of the airships/ships and the brigades of trains, if they have no clinical symptoms of respiratory infection or fever, are not obliged to observe self-isolation regime during 14 days in places established.   

13. The work of the entertainment, leisure units, sports halls, sports centres, swimming pools, theatres, movie theatres, concert halls, museums and other units for entertainment and leisure is banned till 30 June 2020.  

14. The education process is suspended in the general education institutions, vocational and higher education institutions (for private and public institutions) till 30 June 2020, with possibility to extend the term of ban, depending on the epidemiological situation.

15. The ceasing of the work of the commercial markets from Chisinau and Balti is maintained till 31 May 2020.

16. The Commission maintains, till 30 June 2020, the ceasing of the commercial centres nationally, with the ensuring of the normal work of the units for the sale of food products and pharmaceutical products, placed at their headquarters.  

17. The Commission maintains, till 30 June 2020, the suspension of the regular passenger flights, regular charter passenger flights, international railway routes of passenger transport, road passenger transport through regular services, regular special services, occasional taxi regime services, with gradual resumption depending on the epidemiological situation (1), reciprocity as to the communication regime through regular flights with the corresponding states (2), the restrictions concerning the access of foreign citizens in Moldova (3), regime of self-isolation of people who enter or transit Moldova (4), restrictions regarding the access of Moldova’s citizens to corresponding states.    

The National Extraordinary Public Health Commission also took other important decisions.

The non-observance of the provisions/measures established by Moldova’s Commission for Emergency Situations, represents danger for the public health and will serve as reason for calling the guilty people to contravention/criminal account.  

The present Instruction enters into force starting the moment of its issuance and is published on the government’s official webpage.  

Prime Minister, chairman of the Commission Ion Chicu

Deputy head of the Commission, Health, Labour and Social Protection Minister Viorica Dumbraveanu

Secretary of the Commission Nicolae Furtuna



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