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Republica Moldova 30 de ani de independență

Instruction No1 of 1 April 2021 of Commission for Emergencies of Moldova

11:58 | 02.04.2021 Category: Official

In accordance with Article 22 of Law No212/2004 on state of emergency, siege and war, Art. 2 of the Parliament Decision No49/2021 on declaring state of emergency, points 6, 7, 8 and 9 of the Regulation of the Commission for Emergencies of the Republic of Moldova, approved by government decision No1340/2001, the Commission for Emergencies orders:


1. Central public authorities, local public authorities, all legal entities registered in Moldova, regardless of the type of property and legal form of organization, as well as all citizens of Moldova and other private people staying currently in Moldova will ensure the execution of the provisions of Decisions No41, 44, 51, 53 of the National Public Health Commission, insofar as they do not contravene the provisions of the order.

2. Instructions, measures, recommendations, specific guidelines for carrying out the activity in the epidemiological context COVID-19, approved by the decisions of the National Commission for Public Health No11-13, 14, 16 - 17, 21, 23, 26, 29, 31 with subsequent amendments, shall continue to apply, insofar as they do not contravene the provisions of the order.

3. In the localities where the incidence of more than 100 cases of COVID-19 per 100 thousand population in the last 14 days is attested, the educational process will be held remotely, except for early education institutions.

4. A special movement of persons is hereby established.

4.1 It is forbidden, starting with 3 April 2021, in Chisinau municipality and in Bălți municipality, the movement of persons outside the dwelling / household between the hours 23.00 - 5.00, with the following exceptions:

a. Travel in professional interest, including between home / household and the place / places where the professional activity takes place and back.

b. Travel for medical assistance that cannot be postponed or performed remotely, as well as for the purchase of medicines.

c. Travel outside the localities of persons who are in transit or make journeys whose time interval overlaps with the prohibition period, such as those made by plane, train, coach or other means of passenger transport, and which can be proved by ticket or any other way to pay for the trip.

d. Traveling for justified reasons, such as caring for / accompanying the child, assisting the elderly, sick or disabled or the death of a family member.

4.4 It is forbidden to move and find people in public spaces, located in the built-up areas: parks, forests, playgrounds, sports fields, recreational areas.

4.5 Persons who are away from home / residence or other place of residence are required to have an identity document or other document confirming the identity of the person.

5. A special work regime is established on the entire territory of the Republic of Moldova:

5.1 All public and private entities, except for entities in production and provision of services, will attract up to 30% of staff for office work. The organization of remote work will be arranged for other employees.

5.2 If it is not possible to carry out the activity remotely, the managers will organize the work schedule so that the staff is divided into groups.

5.3 Meetings, assemblies, professional meetings with the physical presence of persons will be organized and conducted with the limitation of the number of participants based on the norm 4 m2 per person of the usable area of ​​the room and will last no more than 60 min.

5.4 The Public Services Agency will ensure providing public services based on pre- appointment in strict compliance with the mandatory measures to prevent COVID-19 infection.

5.5 The services of the territorial cadastral bodies, which require travel in the field to carry out the cadastral works, will be provided taking into account the strict need.

5.6 The ceremonies for the solemn registration of the newborn and jubilee marriages shall be organized, including the solemn celebration of the marriage, thus ensuring the conclusion of the marriage exclusively within the civil status service / multifunctional center and only in the exclusive presence of the bride and groom.

6. It is forbidden to hold meetings, assemblies, public demonstrations, rallies and other mass actions.

7. Public service enterprises are prohibited to stop (by disconnecting places of consumption) the provision of services and / or ro apply penalties in case of non-payment by household consumers of electricity, heat, gas and fixed telephony, drinking water bills, unless the disconnection is intended to avoid endangering human life and health or damaging property.

8. A moratorium is set until 30 May 2021 on the planned state controls, performed on the spot by the competent bodies with control functions, under the Law No131/2012 on state control over business activity.

9. The moratorium shall not apply to checks carried out by:

a. National Agency for Food Safety;

b. National Agency for Public Health;

c. National Agency for Energy Regulation - in state energy supervision;

d. Inspectorate for Environmental Protection - forest fund, green spaces, natural areas protected by the state, the geological and aquatic fund.

10. If an economic unit, regardless of the type of ownership and form of legal organization, violates the health regulations, public health measures established by the decisions of the Commission for Emergencies and / or the decisions of the National Public Health Commission, and the continuation of the activity endangers public health, the head of the territorial subdivision of the National Agency for Public Health suspends its activity or, as the case may be, of one of its subdivisions, for the period of the state of emergency.

11. The Ministry of Defense will provide the necessary support to the state authorities, with personnel and logistical means, in support of public order activities, patrol missions, special traffic regime on the territory of the country, security and protection of some objectives / areas, transport of personnel, materials and technique for carrying out specific missions, triage epidemiology, healthcare and other missions depending on the evolution of the situation.

12. In order to coordinate the activity of mass media:

12.1 Media representatives will inform public about the provisions of the order and need to comply with it.

12.2 The Intelligence and Security Service approves and makes public the list of online content sources that promote fake news about the evolution of COVID-19.

13. Strengthening the capacity of the healthcare system:

13.1. The leaders of the republican, municipal or district public medical institutions, as well as the administrators of the private medical service providers are obliged to ensure deploying all workers to the public medical institutions with COVID-19 profile, based on the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection.

13.3. The Ministry of Health, Labor, Social Protection will identify within a week the additional need for medical services for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19 infection and the private medical institutions that will provide them.

14. During the state of emergency, the time limits for granting all social benefits do not begin to run, and if they have started to run, they are suspended for the entire duration of the state of emergency.

15. For persons whose degree of disability expires during the state of emergency and who receive antiCOVID-19 treatment at home or in a medical institution, the degree of disability is extended ex officio by the National Council for Disability and Capacity Determination until lifting the state of emergency.

17.2 The Court of Accounts audits the reports on the execution of the state budget, the state social insurance budget and the compulsory health insurance funds for 2020 and presents the audit report to the Government and the Parliament within 45 days from the date of their presentation by the Ministry of Finance, the National Social Insurance House and the National Medical Insurance Company.

17.3 The Government approves and submits to the Parliament the reports on the execution of the state budget, the state social insurance budget and the compulsory health insurance funds for 2020 within 45 days from the date of their presentation to the Court of Accounts.

17.4 Parliament approves the reports on the execution of the state budget, the state social insurance budget and the compulsory health insurance funds for 2020 within 45 days from the date of their presentation by the Government.

20. Specific regulations in internal affairs are established, according to annex No1.

21. The Instruction for establishing the quarantine in localities is approved, according to annex No2.

22. Depending on the development tendency of the epidemiological situation, restrictive measures will be reviewed and updated by subsequent orders.

23. The instruction shall enter into force upon issuance and shall be published on the official website of the Government.

Acting Prime Minister, chairman of the Commission Aureliu CIOCOI


Specific regulations in internal affairs and the Instruction on quarantine regime in localities during the state of emergency can be read at the following link:

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