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Republica Moldova 30 de ani de independență

17 October 2018 - visit of Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan to Moldova takes place

Retrospective of events

The visit of Turkish President Recep Erdogan to the Republic of Moldova was meticulously prepared by both sides and had a strong symbolic charge for both Ankara and Chisinau. Igor Dodon had an acute lack of high-level meetings, and too frequent visits to Moscow bothered even the Russians. A visit of such rank was needed to strengthen Dodon's image as a head of state appreciated by the great countries of the world.

On the other hand, Erdogan had more strained relations with European and American partners who accused him of violating human rights and procuring Russian missiles, even though Turkey was a NATO member.

The media drew more attention to the way the city center was blocked, to the extraordinary security measures. However, our press must know an indisputable truth. Everywhere in the world, security measures are required by the visiting party and depending on the specifics of the country, traditions, but also the current situation, guests impose a set of measures that they consider necessary for the protection of the first person. However, the comments were the most exotic.

This is how analyst Alexei Tulbure commented on the visit: "In my opinion, this visit marks the beginning of a new stage in the country's history, a non-European era and everything, including the visit of a leader who reached the reputation of authoritarian leader, a new dictator of the Orient. this blockade of the city in the worst traditions of undemocratic regimes, leads to this thought ", said the analyst.

According to him, throughout history, the inhabitants of the Prut and Dniester have paid tribute to the Ottomans in yellow, but now they have paid through the seven expelled Turkish citizens. "I betrayed these people in order to have Erdogan as one who legitimizes this regime, one who is ready to cooperate with those in Chisinau," Alexei Tulbure said.

Socialist MP Grigore Novac said that the Republic of Moldova has not been visited by such a high-ranking Turkish dignitary since 1994. "We consider Turkey to be a very important partner for the Republic of Moldova, given the investments it brings to our country through various health and social projects, etc. ”, the politician claimed. According to him, in recent years the Turks have implemented projects worth more than $ 500 million in the Republic of Moldova.

Those who have basic knowledge of interstate relations know that the efficiency and purpose of visits by high state dignitaries are measured in signed bilateral agreements. And they are the result of hard work by the diplomatic corps, inter-ministerial relations and working groups to prepare the visit. This cannot be one of complacency and is measured in commitments for the benefit of the peoples that dignitaries represent.

We can say with certainty that Erdogan's visit was thoroughly prepared. Following the signing of bilateral agreements, citizens of the Republic of Moldova will be able to travel to Turkey only with their identity card, and carriers will no longer need permits to transit Turkey, in accordance with the provisions of the five new bilateral agreements signed in Chisinau. in the presence of the President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and the Moldovan Prime Minister Pavel Filip.

Thus, the citizens of both countries will be able to travel from one state to another only on the basis of the identity card. They will be able to enter the territory of the states for the same period of stay as in the case of passports. Also, the carriers of goods will be able to transit the two countries without transport authorizations, which will facilitate the transport of goods on the territory of both states.

Another agreement signed stipulates that the military in both countries will be trained at work, will carry out working visits, will participate in joint exercises and other social and cultural activities.

The cooperation agreement in the field of youth and sports promotes cooperation between youth and sports organizations by carrying out various joint projects, conducting exchanges of experience in the field of sports safety, in order to organize common sports events, but also to promote women in sports.

A memorandum was also signed on the administration of the Moldovan-Turkish high school “S. Demirel ”from Congaz. The memorandum stipulates the conditions of admission, the languages ​​of organization of studies, the financing and tax exemptions for the materials delivered by the Turkish side for the technical-material endowment of the high school.

According to the then Prime Minister, Pavel Filip, there was an upward evolution of the bilateral dialogue, which was largely due to previous discussions between the two sides. In his turn, the President of Turkey appreciated the signing of the five protocols and was convinced that the relations between Turkey and the Republic of Moldova will be strengthened.

At that time, 65 bilateral agreements were signed between the Republic of Moldova and the Republic of Turkey.

At his briefing in Chisinau, Erdogan said that Moldova and Turkey are two friendly peoples, and the signed strategic partnership declaration will further help strengthen this relationship. "When necessary, friends support each other, I assure you that we will support you when needed without any fear," the official said. Igor Dodon awarded Erdogan the Order of the Republic. At the same time, the Turkish president indirectly referred to the case of the expulsion of the seven Turkish citizens from the Republic of Moldova, mentioning that "friends support each other in times of crisis".

The Turkish dignitary also referred to the project of rehabilitating the building of the Presidency of the Republic of Moldova, mentioning that he does not understand the nature of the negative comments made on this subject. "I do not understand why there are some negative comments on this subject. This project is nothing but a symbol of friendship between our countries. Beyond this, for us the negative comments are not important, Turkey will continue to be with Moldova as it was in the past ", he underlined. Erdogan is probably not yet familiar with the tradition of countries with advanced democracies where any event is commented on both positively and negatively, and this is natural and necessary in a rule of law.

The Turkish president also went to Comrat where he greeted the several thousand Gagauz gathered in the center of the autonomy capital. Both the guest and the local authorities mentioned Turkey's help to the Gagauzians and emphasized the cultural-linguistic proximity between the Turks and the people of the autonomy.

On this occasion, Erdogan mentioned: "Gagauzia, where the Gagauz Turks live, has a special place in our relations with the Republic of Moldova. We support the legislative changes aimed at Gagauzian citizens and encourage the authorities to promote them as soon as possible." Recep Tayyip Erdoğan thanked Igor Dodon for his hospitality and greeted the people of the Republic of Moldova. "I thank once again my valuable friend for the hospitality he has given me. On this occasion, I cordially greet the friendly Moldovan people," the Turkish official said.

Beyond the praises and criticisms of the experts, influenced by the parties' perspective, Erdogan's visit can be seen as one without positive effects on the image of power, but it had a pragmatic impact on bilateral relations and brought certain benefits to the citizens of Moldova. However, the geographical location and share of Turkey in the area cannot be neglected and fair and pragmatic relations with this country are useful and necessary.


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