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Decision No 2 of National Extraordinary Public Health Commission from 20 January 2022

18:51 | 20.01.2022 Category: Official

Under the Article 58 from the Law No 10/2009 on the state supervision of the public health sector (Moldova’s Official Journal, 2009, No 67, Article 183), with the subsequent amendments, and as a result of the analysis of the evolution of the epidemiological situation nationally and internationally, the National Extraordinary Public Health Commission (CNESP) finds out that the intensity of the epidemic process is growing nationally.  

As many as 393,423 cases of COVID-19 were registered till 18 January 2022. In the week 02/2022, (10-16 January 2022) , 8,669 cases of Covid-19 were recorded; in the last seven days, the incidence has been 233 cases per 100,000 residents, registering an increase of 135 per cent against the concerned index from the week before and a 3.5-fold growth (241.2 per cent) against the previous month. Eighty one deaths were notified, with the death rate standing at 2.2 deaths per 100,000 residents in the last 7 days, recording an 11-per cent increase against the concerned index of the week before.       

The effective reproduction number (Rt) for the last 7 days was 1.62, registering a 25.1-per cent increase against the concerned index from the previous week and 91.8 per cent against the month before. On 18 January, a record number of infections were registered since the beginning of the pandemic.

The rate of vaccination with the full scheme in the general population, related to the number of residents according to the census taken in 2014, is of about 29 per cent and in the age groups of 18 years+ - about 47 per cent, which represents, nevertheless, a level under the target of 70 per cent needed to reach collective immunity. During the vaccination process, 40,737 people were vaccinated, which is by 24.8 per cent more against the same period of the previous week and by 19.4 per cent more against the month before; the booster dose was administered to 109.162 thousand people, of whom 5,166 children (12-17 years) were vaccinated with one dose and 4,081 – with full scheme.       

According to data by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, the current epidemiological situation in the states of EU/South Eastern Europe is characterized through a stable increase in the rate of notification of the cases from the last three weeks and a stable rate for the last 6 weeks. The infection with the Omicron strain was reported in more than 150 countries.

On 10 January 2022, the presence of the Omicron strain was confirmed in Moldova through the way of sequencing.  

In the context of the high risk of spread, in continuation, of the infection triggered by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the enhanced potential of transmission of the Omicron strain, increase in the number of cases confirmed in the last week and in order to ensure a proper degree of preparation and response to the COVID-19 infection, in accordance with the updated recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) as to the reasons for the implementation and adjusting of the public health measures, in the context of COVID-19, as well as the good European and international practices, the National Extraordinary Public Health Commission  


1. The enforcement of the provisions of the point 4 of the annex to the CNESP Decision No 62 from 22 September 2021 is suspended for the period 22 January – 20 February 2022, with the subsequent changes.

2. The following measures of prevention and control of the COVID-19 infection are established nationally for the period 22 January – 20 February 2022:  

2.1. The access of caregivers to medical and sanitary institutions is banned, excepting the companions of children smaller than 14 years and the servants who accompany people with pronounced and severe disabilities.

2.2. The public and private entities will organize their work regime in the following conditions:

a) introducing the work at home, if the specific of the activity allows this;  

b) establishing of the work in shifts and the composition of the groups of people should be fixed maximally possible, if the specific feature of the activity allows this. Avoidance of the interaction of members from different shifts;

c) when setting the schedule of work according to the subsections a) and b), employers will give priority to the employees who maintain minor children;

d) the working meetings will be held online, if the specific of the work allows this.

2.3. The access of clients who reached the full age to all closed commercial spaces, spaces of service and/or leisure is allowed only upon presentation of the COVID-19 certificate to the staff nominated by the manager to this end. By derogation from this rule, clients are allowed access without presenting the COVID-19 Certificate to: specialized or non-specialized units (shops) for the commercialization of food products, units for the sale of products for companion animals, units for commercialization of hygiene products, drug stores, units for sale of pharmaceutical goods and/or medical and orthopaedic articles, medical and vaccination units, banks and their subdivisions, non-bank crediting organizations, providers of post and courier services, providers of public utilities, insurers, commercial units of operators of electronic communications and their agencies, exchange desks, fuel supply stations, bus terminals and railway stations. The access to the commercial centres is allowed only based on the COVID-19 Certificate, except for the case when the client goes to the aforementioned units, and only if there is direct access from street to the concerned units or dedicated and controlled corridors of entrance, movement and exit in/from the commercial centres are established.       

2.4. The sellers and employees of the commercial units will warn the clients about the need to observe the physical distance of at least one metre, except for the members of a family and groups of two persons at the most.  

2.5. The public nourishment units will organize their service work at the full capacity in the spaces outdoors and in the indoors ones – with the use of 50 per cent of the number of the existing places at the most, with the obligation for all clients to present the COVID-19 certificate at the entrance. The servicing activity will be carried out in the time interval 7:00-22:00; after 22;00, the sale of food products in packages, as well as the delivery to home is allowed, with excluding possibility to consume them inside/on the territory of the unit.    

2.6. The following types of activities are ceased: organization of private events (weddings, Christenings, commemoration dinners, festive dinners); the activity of the leisure zones and entertainment parks activities inside night clubs and dance rings.    

2.7. The sport/fitness centres will organize their work with providing of an area of at least 7 square metres for reach client, with obligation for all clients to present the COVID-19 certificate at the entrance. The training in groups is ceased, except for the trainings of performance sportspeople.   

2.8. The sports events will be organized without spectators indoors or with the participation of spectators up to 50 per cent of the maximal capacity of the outside space, with the obligation for all spectators to present the COVID-19 certificate at the entrance into the space where the activity takes place to the staff nominated by the manager to this end. The sports events under the aegis of international specialty federations will be held according to the protocols established by them.  

2.9. The scientific meetings, conferences, seminars, reunions or other similar professional events with physical presence are ceased and are organized online.

2.10. The activities at the headquarters of theatres, movie theatres, concert halls will be held at a capacity of 50 per cent of the places inside, with the obligation for all visitors/clients to present, at the entrance, the COVID-19 certificate to the staff nominated by the manager to this end.  

2.11. The access to the Chisinau International Airport is allowed only to passengers, with the presence of the travel ticket; the access to people accompanying them is forbidden.  

2.12. The vocational and higher education institutions will work online. The Nicolae Testemitanu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy will work in mixed regime (online and with physical presence).    

2.13. The Covid-19 Certificate means one of the following documents:

a) the certification of vaccination against COVID-19 with full scheme of vaccination (on paper or in digital format); the proof of the immunization is valid, if at least 14 days passed since the finishing of the full scheme of vaccination;

b) the medical conclusion which confirms that the person was infected with COVID-19 on the period between the 15th day and 180th day (6 months) or an act confirming the presence of antibodies anti-Covid-19; the act confirming the presence of antibodies anti-Covid-19 is valid for 90 days after the date when the investigation was carried out;   

c) the result of a diagnose test for COVID-19 (quick test AgSarsC-oV2, made by 48 hours before at the earliest or a PCR test for Covid-19, made by 72 hours before at the earliest).     

3. On the period 24 January -4 February 2022, the general education institutions, except for the early education ones, will work online.  

4. During 24 hours after the publication of the current decision, the territorial extraordinary public health commissions will hold meetings and will establish public health measures provided for in the present decision.

5. The central and local public administration authorities will elaborate/re-update the institutional plan of intervention and continuity of the managerial and occupational process, according to the guide presented in the annex.

6. The private people and legal entities carrying out activities of railway and road transport of passengers in local, urban, inter-urban, international traffic, as well as other related activities (bus terminals, railway stations, auto testing stations, etc.) will ensure the strict observance of the sanitary measures in the transport means, such as airing, supply with disinfectants and compulsory wearing of protection masks for drivers, conductors and passengers during the travel.    

7. The central and local public administration authorities, legal entities, no matter the activity sector and legal form of organization, will promote the employees’ vaccination against COVID-19 as the most efficient way of ceasing the spread and control of the COVID-19 infection valid for the period of the emergency state in the public health sector.  

8. The public authorities will cooperate with mass media, in order to inform the people about the need of observing the provisions of the present decision and the measures of prevention and control of the COVID-19 infection.  

9. The authorities of the public order field and the bodies with control duties are asked to boost the supervision of the observance by private people and legal entities of the measures of prevention and control of the COVID-19 infection, in accordance with the Decision No 63 of the National Extraordinary Public Health Commission from 8 October 2021.    

10. The non-observance of the compulsory public health measures, set forth in the present decision, represents danger for the public health and serves as ground for applying measures of contraventional liability of private people and legal entities.    

11. The present decision enters in force on the date of its publication in the official website of the government and is enforced till 20 February 2022.  

Chairwoman of the Commission, Prime Minister Natalia GAVRILITA

Deputy Chairwoman of the Commission, Health Minister Ala NEMERENCO


Guide on ensuring the functionality of the central and local public administration authorities and the structures subordinated in the conditions of risk of the community spread of the omicron strain of the new-type coronavirus can be accessed at the link:


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