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Move with Bishop shakes world order completely

16:37 | 18.03.2022 Category: Interview, Event

Chisinau, 18 March /MOLDPRES/ - The cradle of civilization, the old European continent for almost eight decades have not been dealing with dangerous adventurers in power in quite important states and with a nuclear potential which cannot be ignored at all. Even if a confrontation-oriented rhetoric and divergent viewpoints existed during all this period, triggered by the civilizational differences, nobody ever played with the fire. Just nobody, neither the old Soviet leaders dared to do this, for mere reason that they were not set in power to blackmail the world with the red pin.       

Who was listening to the messianic role’s ideologist of the Great Eurasian Russia, Dugin, in 2012-2014, was thinking that it was about an old nostalgic vagrant, who was trying to be taken into consideration through his nonsense. Did we really believe at that time that these chauvinistic phantasmagorias would swell up the sick minds of the Kremlin?       

We remind that the paradigm of Dugin’s thinking, today also Putin’s one, was based on the action of reestablishment of the Great Russia within the borders of the Russian Empire from the beginning of the 20th century, with provinces instead of sovereign countries and with a single official language and a single culture – the Great Russian one. This sick mentality was comfortably established at the Kremlin like a bad dream.   

Putin is an extremely screwed-up man. Deeply marked since his adolescence by poverty, mediocrity and a natural construction of bad appearance, presently tsar of Russia, he wants to lead the world along with the American and Chinese leaders. From the economic viewpoint, Russia cannot make claims, as it is on the 11th position in the world according to its Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and if one calculates it per capita, Russia ranks 50th. Only one argument remains – the nuclear arsenal, a perfect weapon for blackmail. Yet, on the last days, clear-cut signs have appeared that it is about not only blackmail. The use of the nuclear weapon by the Kremlin can become a frightful, even apocalyptical reality. Putin’s slogan, made public by Kremlin’s propagandists until taut, boils down to the sentence: If there is no longer room for Russia in the world, why do we need this world. Expressed into a human language, this would mean that, if Putin does not get the Great Russia in its historical borders and does not become a leader, then he will destroy this world. And he actually started doing this.      

Ukraine had an ill-luck to be neighbour with the Slav brother. A bad agreement of Bohdan Khmelnytsky, signed with Russia, was an opportune pretext for the Russians to forcibly annex a part of the territory of this noble nation, with an ancient origin. After that bad event, Ukraine during centuries declared its independence four times and four times was re-occupied. After the fifth declaration of independence, in 1991, following the collapse of the USSR, Ukraine started edifying, with much abnegation, a state according to the European civilizational model. The look of the cities, the behavior and mentality of the citizens, the full openness to the European culture and lifestyle increased ever more the distance between Ukraine and Russia, which was returned with high speed to its traditional authoritarianism. Putin intuited that, if he allowed Ukraine to develop in this direction, then he would never see his plans of imperial grandeur accomplished.       

Starting from 2014, the phantasmagorical projects of Dugin became state policy. Putin took advantage of the more difficult moments of the Ukrainians and invaded Crimea and Donbas. This was the first significant trophy of tsar Putin, in whom a huge desire for new conquest woke up. The occupation war from 2022 was prepared scrupulously.  The Kremlin’s propaganda, which outran the one of Goebbels through the quantity of lies on one square metre, blamed Ukraine and accused it of all sins of the world. Against this background, the hot minds of most Russian residents have been prepared for aggression, for new conquest.      

The morning of 24 February strikingly resembled the one of 1 September 1939, when after a hurricane of propagandistic lies, the invasion of the peaceful Poland and the World War II started. Thus, Ukraine had to defend the citizens and the Ukrainian land. Russia’s war machine believed that, in 48 hours, they would defile in the Ukrainian capital and on 30 December 2022 when 100 years since the creation of the USSR are marked, on the Red Square, Shoigu will report to the brilliant leader and savior of the great empire, Vladimir Putin, about the great victory and the reestablishment of the great Russia in the old borders.        

Nevertheless, the spirit and dignity of the Ukrainians seriously troubled the aggressor’s plans. The Ukrainians proved heroism worth being envied, which a few nations can display. Putin did not expect such a resistance and switched to barbarian ways of bombing Ukrainian cities and villages. Thousands of innocent civilians, of whom more than 100 children, were killed.    

Putin also did not expect an unprecedented international solidarity in condemning and punishing the aggressor and helping the Ukrainian nation. This solidarity led to Russia’s exclusion from the oldest pan-European organization, the Council of Europe. Only the right to veto saved Russia from a condemnation at the United Nations Security Council. The UN International Court of Justice has recently demanded that Russia ceases the invasion and go home. Russia insolently defies the decisions of the institutions which create the structure of the world order.    

Moreover, Putin tries to blackmail the world with an eventual nuclear war. Isolated, condemned, with no perspective to return even to the positions he had in the world before the war, Putin finds himself stuck in a corner where he has no escape. And this makes him more dangerous. The obligation of the diplomats, great lucid politicians is to give Putin chance to escape from this trap put by himself. Otherwise, a lot of experts believe, even from the Russian leader’s entourage, that Putin would be capable to unleash the hell on the earth. I.e. a nuclear war.   

The time has reduced, as if it stopped because of the fright of what can happen. Almost all the people, from hour to hour, verify the war stories with great emotions. This is much more difficult for the Ukrainians. The most brilliant sentence which brings a ray of hope is expressed by an old soldier who lost his family in bombings in Mariupol, a city martyr: ‘’Putin can defeat the Ukrainian army, but never Ukraine’s nation.’’ This was the message which shook the world and which stimulated the great democracies to seriously help Kiev. Yet, hope remains that reason will find its place in the hot minds from the Kremlin. Otherwise, the move with the bishop can shake the world order completely.      



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