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Moldova marks Sovereignty Day

09:34 | 23.06.2022 Category: Political

Chisinau, June 23 / MOLDPRES /- Today, the Republic of Moldova celebrates Sovereignty Day. The Declaration of Sovereignty was adopted 32 years ago, on June 23, 1990, by the deputies of the Supreme Soviet of the Moldovan Soviet Socialist Republic.

According to historians, the Declaration was adopted in a complex historical context, marked by a parade of sovereignties, a process that encompassed the entire Soviet space. Estonia was the first country in the former USSR to declare its sovereignty in November 1988, followed by Lithuania in April 1989 and Latvia in July 1989. Meanwhile, Lithuania declared its independence from the state on March 11, 1990. Declaration of Sovereignty of the Soviet Socialist Republic of Moldova had also been preceded by that of Georgia on 26 May 1990 and Russia on 12 June 1990.

The adoption of the Declaration of Sovereignty was the first major victory of the democratic forces in the struggle for rebirth and national liberation. Thus, the Declaration of Sovereignty stipulates that the sovereignty of the Moldovan SSR is the only and necessary condition for the existence of the statehood of Moldova. The supremacy of the Moldovan SSR laws over the union laws is affirmed, citizenship is established and the sovereign right to maintain diplomatic relations with all countries of the world is provided.

At the same time, the document stipulates the unitary and indivisible character of the state. It is established that RSS Moldova respects the status of the UN and expresses its adherence to the principles of this organization, declares itself a demilitarized zone, actively promotes the consolidation of peace and security, is directly involved in the process of cooperation and security and European structures.

At the same time, it is noted that "land, subsoil, waters, forests and other natural resources located on the territory of RSS Moldova, as well as the entire economic, financial, technical-scientific potential, national heritage values" are declared "unconditional exclusive property of RSS Moldova".

Finally, Article 13 of the document reads "this Declaration serves as a basis for the drafting of the new Constitution of Moldova, the improvement of Republican legislation and the position of the Republic of Moldova for the preparation and conclusion of the Union Treaty within the Commonwealth of Sovereign States."

The Declaration of Sovereignty was voted on with one abstention.

On June 23, 1991, the day of the first anniversary of the proclamation of the sovereignty of the Republic of Moldova, the first series of postage stamps were issued in Chisinau, bearing the attributes of statehood - the Coat of Arms and the Flag.

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