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Moscow wants to destabilize Moldova at any cost

13:20 | 19.10.2022 Category: Interview, Event

The Republic of Moldova is threatened with destabilization in the context of the great geopolitical conflict between Putin's attempt to restore the Russian Empire, on the one hand, and the heroic Ukrainian resistance combined with the West's efforts to preserve the world order based on the sovereign right of peoples to choose their model of development, on the other. Since 1991, Moscow has never wanted an unstable Moldova more, gradually transformed into an anti-Western and anti-Ukrainian state. This time it really matters what kind of government will be in Chisinau and what will be its attitude towards Russian aggression in Ukraine.

The model chosen by Kremlin is a classic one. First, destabilization through social protests. Next comes the provocation of the law enforcement bodies to more energetic measures and the staging of an altercation resulting in casualties. And finally, the siege and destruction of the edifices of the central institutions of the state. It is about trying to create conditions for a violent change of power and involving the Republic of Moldova in the war in the region.

One may object that this scenario is too apocalyptic, but the behavior of the Russians on the territory of the former empire proves that they practice such destabilizing actions in abundance. Even more so now that they are badly mired in the war in Ukraine and defeat is imminent. Today Kremlin needs not a Moldova that supports Ukraine, but an anti-Ukrainian and aggressive one.

Our citizens who participate in the protests in Chisinau do not really understand how serious the situation is. They, without realizing it, become participants in a criminal war. Russia does not hide its true intentions this time. The restoration of the Empire, the disappearance of Ukraine, and then other ex-Soviet states from the political map of the world, the establishment of a dictatorial regime throughout this space - these are the objectives that Kremlin propagandists issue night after night. The protests in Chisinau fit perfectly into this scenario and cannot be excused by empty statements about political pluralism and social discontent.

The pro-Russian and implicitly pro-war character of the destabilization actions are obvious. The parties and figures inciting the protests have a long history of being pro-Moscow. But these so-called politicians do not understand one simple thing. What Russia is doing now in Ukraine is a huge crime. With the end of hostilities, Russia will appear before a war tribunal where it will answer for the crimes committed. Not only Putin and his generals, but the entire Russian criminal state will answer for the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent people, for a destroyed country, for promoting a chauvinistic and imperial policy incompatible with international law.

Nazi Germany was punished as a state that committed war crimes and promoted racial hatred. Russia's crimes are comparable. As in Germany, in Russia after the war all institutions of the criminal state will be dissolved, the imperial ideology will be banned, and the country will have to pay enormous war reparations to Ukraine. All Russians will suffer for many years to come, as the Germans suffered during the years when they extirpated the Nazi ideology and its aftermath.

We will have to undertake new coercive measures in the Republic of Moldova. All those who have destabilized the situation in the exceptional conditions in which we now find ourselves, all parties promoting the imperial policy of another state will have to be dissolved, and their leaders will be held accountable for directly or indirectly supporting Russian aggression in Ukraine and undermining Moldova.

These actions will not have a local character. The whole world will get involved in the process of reforming international relations and institutions that have proven ineffective in this major crisis. Measures will be taken to exclude in the future the repetition of monstrous crimes and attempts to change the world order through wars and genocide. The Republic of Moldova will certainly enter the perimeter where the elimination of the remains of the criminal ideology will be done with determination to give the beneficial transformations an irreversible character.


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