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Putin's war - war of great thieves from Moldova to survive

13:26 | 08.11.2022 Category: Interview, Event

Every Sunday we witness a cynical act of miming a popular revolt against price increases. In a democratic state peaceful protests are a natural thing and fall within the limits of the law.

In Chisinau, things are a little different. The prices of energy resources have skyrocketed all over the world. The two years of Covid that generated recession in many highly industrialized states are to blame. There are still unfavorable regional and continental conditions. But the most direct and destructive economic impact is Russia's barbaric and destructive war in Ukraine.

Almost everyone understands this, but in every society there is a ratio between the educated and the little or no educated. The ones understand the causal links and are ready to pay a price for freedom. Others, manipulated by forces guided by other interests, play their game as extras in shows called "Thieves' attempt to return to power".

Many of the great domestic thieves, some at home, others on the run, understand that with Russia's shameful defeat in its criminal war, the most profitable theft schemes end. More than 30 years of left-wing and right-wing governments, pro-Russian and pro-Western, all have tolerated, and some have even been connected, as experts in the Chisinau press report, to Russian collusion. Until Zelensky came to power, the schemes were also valid in relation to Ukraine and even the alleged Transnistria.

Most of the dignitaries in the past demonstrated to us in chorus that they are taking steps to ensure energy independence, but for now they have to buy energy resources only from the east. That was where the stopcock was, not in the European Union. Because every minute, for every kilowatt or thousand cubic meters of gas, some of them received the reliable and stable supply like the change of seasons.

Back in the first parliament, the agrarian prime minister Andrei Sangheli said that Moldova is 100 percent dependent on Russia in all areas. The prime minister was then asked what he was doing as head of the national executive to reduce dependence on Russia. The agrarian leader could not answer anything. Because the embezzlement was constantly coming, in all ways, in all currencies, in cash and by bank transfer.

In this context, the transfer of gasification networks from Moldova to Gazprom fits perfectly. Former employees of Moldovagaz signal that this act meant a robbery of proportions, and we hope that the recent audit will reach there as well. Free transmissions were also recorded at Moldovagaz, but also at Union Fenosa of networks that were once the property of former state farms or public property. The pipes from which such generous loot drips must, in the view of the thieves, be preserved and developed. From Gazprom comes the money for high-ranking thieves.

Throughout the more than 30 years of Moldova's independence, the partisans of the diversification of energy sources were seen as dreamers, people who do not understand that things are not so simple. All those who worked in the previous governments know for sure that Moldovagaz was, as a rule, the piggy bank of the big dignitaries. Heads of state, prime ministers, deputy prime ministers, many of them benefited from the process called the procurement of energy resources. That is why we found ourselves at the beginning of the Russian aggression in Ukraine without electricity and gas networks to ensure the energy security of the country.

Today, those who participated in the looting and kneeling of Moldova understand that they can irreversibly lose their once secure income. Others want to secure their stolen ones over the years. They all band together to stop the transformations and preserve the old schemes.

They cannot and do not want to go out on the barricades personally, but they use those whom they have robbed and brought to despair. Big thieves pay small sums and incite people to protest. They are not interested in the fate of Ukraine, nor even in Moldova, they are not interested in freedom or the market economy, the European future. They want to return to a regime that will allow high incomes in a very poor country, they want to keep talking about democracy and rule in an autocratic manner.

Today the only man who can promise them a return to this system is Vladimir Putin, the Russian president who built such a regime in Russia and wants to extend it to Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia. Putin's war is also the war of the big thieves in Moldova to survive.

This is why thieves are desperate, why they pay for protest rallies, why they unite even if they hated each other in the past. They irreversibly lose a world they consider unique to satisfy their lusts and greed. They are ready to shed the blood of innocent people, to sell the freedom, independence and dignity of a people to maintain the comfort of those who know nothing but to live on the stolen.



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