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Largest Ever Land Art in Bulgaria Appears on Durankulak Shore

19:29 | 30.07.2023 Categorie: Externe

Sofia, 30 iul. /BTA/. A large land art appeared on the shore of Durankulak – the north-easternmost inhabited place in Bulgaria, the Exhibitions with a Cause organization said on Sunday. The artwork’s author is Vivia Niki. The work is dedicated to love and is the largest land art painting ever made in Bulgaria, with a scale of 510 square meters. It is 30 meters long and 17 meters wide.

It is entirely composed of natural elements – sand and green algae. With the help of a thin layer of chalk outline, as harmless to the environment as possible, the painting has gained better visibility from the sky, from where it was shot with a drone.

A storm washed away half of the drawing and the rest of the seaweed, the author cleared the beach and restored the original appearance of the terrain, the organization stated.

Niki added that the idea for the art originated in 2021. “It appeared as an expression of love for animals. However, in the end, I see Christ’s covenant expressed in it. The fist in an embrace and the lamb symbolize the care and love of God, living creativity, gentleness, meekness, and goodness,” the artist explained.

Vivia Niki is an architect, filmmaker and musician by education. Over the years she has been working in the field of fine arts and is involved in environmental causes. She founded the Orchard Youth Committee, which planted two charity orchards in Sofia.

Photo: BTA


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