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Instruction No25 of 5 May 2020 of Commission for Emergencies

12:10 | 06.05.2020 Category: Official

Chisinau, 6 May /MOLDPRES/- In accordance with Article 22 of Law No212/2004 on state of emergency, siege and war, Article 2 of parliament decision No55/2020 on state of emergency, p.6,7,8,9 of the Regulation of the Commission for Emergencies, approved by government decision No1340/2001, the Commission for Emergencies orders:

1.During the state of emergency, holders of entrepreneurial patent issued under the Law on entrepreneurship patent No 93/1998 and private people, operating activities according to chapter IO2 and IO3 of Title II of the Tax Code No1163/1997, are given one-off unemployment benefit worth 2775.00 lei, provided that in March 2020 they did not achieve insured income.

2.One-off unemployment benefit for those above-mentioned is set out by the National Social Insurance House based on the information sent by the State Tax Service on holders of valid patents and private people registered as subjects operating under chapters 102 and 103 of Title II of Tax Code No I 163/1997, on declaring state of emergency. The information shall be transmitted through secure intersystemic connections, according to the format agreed between the institutions within 5 days from the date of entry into force of this Instruction.

3.One-off unemployment benefit is paid by the National Social Insurance House based on electronic lists via payment service providers in Moldova, and if the beneficiary has not designated payment service provider, the payment of the one-off unemployment benefit shall be transferred to the post office.

4.Source of financing the one-off unemployment benefit for the above-mentioned beneficiaries is the state budget.

5.The amounts of the one-off unemployment benefit not requested by the beneficiaries are reimbursed monthly by the payment service providers on the corresponding account of the National Social Insurance House and included in the payment in the immediately following month. The amounts of the one-off unemployment benefit shall be paid to the beneficiaries until 30 June 2020.

6.By derogation from the provisions of Article 19 (1) of Law No1260/2002 on lawyer, the quality of trainee lawyer is extended during the state of emergency and for a period equal to the duration of the state of emergency, after its lifting for trainee lawyers who have the right to participate in the qualification exam in the spring session of 2020.

7.During the state of emergency, the General Directorate of Health and Social Protection Gagauzia will ensure the organization and conduct of public procurement procedures via direct negotiations without publication of notice of participation to purchase repair works of the infectious diseases department of the Public Medical Institute of Ceadir-Lunga district, required for hospitalization of patients with COVID-19 amounting to 2,000,000 (two million) lei, without VAT.

8.The quarantine regime is stopped starting with 8 May 2020 in Soroca municipality and from 11 May 2020 in Glodeni.

9. Religious meetings will be held strictly outdoors respecting social distance of at least 2 meters and obligatory wearing of masks by all participants.

10.The validity of the periodic technical inspection reports of bus-type road vehicles, whose date has expired after 12 March 2020, shall be extended until 15 June 2020 (inclusively).

11.It is authorized to organize the road transport of passengers to return Moldovan citizens from Russia, located on the Russian-Ukrainian border, through the crossing point of the state border Mogileov-Podolsk - Otaci.

12.It is authorized to organize two road passenger transport trips for the repatriation of Moldovan citizens from Belarus, through the crossing point of the state border Mogileov-Podolsk - Otaci.

13.It is authorized to organize additional charter air flights for the repatriation of Moldovan citizens on 4-17 May 2020 MOSCOW - CHISINAU.

14.It is authorized the entry on 6 May 2020 through the crossing point of the state border Mogileov-Podolsk - Otaci and temporary stay during the state of emergency in Moldova of 5 Ukrainian citizens, specialists of the airline ROSA VIA.

15.Failure to comply with the provisions / measures set up by the Commission for Emergencies is danger to public health and will serve as a ground of contravention and / or criminal liability of those responsible.

16.The Instruction enters into force from issuance and is published on the official website of the government.


Prime Minister, Commission Chairman ION CHICU

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