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The Moldpres press centre

The Moldpres State News Agency has a modern hall for organising news conferences, briefings, seminars, presentations, press clubs, discussions at roundtables, etc.

The information support of events of the Moldpres press centre:

  • placement of audio, video and photo products on the site;
  • working out and release of the communiqué on the event.

Actions of organising news conferences:

  • informing about the event in Moldova’s media;
  • working out a scenario of organising the news conference;
  • preparing and holding the conference;
  • providing photo, audio, video and printing services;

Capacity of the press centre:

  • hall – 50 places;
  • presidium – 10 places;
  • stage for TV operators – 10 TV cameras;
  • possibility to organise coffee breaks.

Equipment of the press centre:

  • ventilation and air conditioning system;
  • computer facility;
  • projection equipment, screen;
  • sound-reinforcement system and microphones;
  • Wi-Fi Internet.


Tel.: (+373) 022 234330
E-mail: [email protected]
Financial Analysis and Monitoring Division