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The State News Agency MOLDPRES, as a self-financing media body, is the quickest source of correct and fair informing, the most trustworthy producer and distributor of news and press photos, editor of legislative and normative acts from the Republic of Moldova.Founded under the Decision No 122-XII by the Supreme Soviet of the Moldovan Soviet Socialist Republic (RSSM) from 20 June 1990 following the liquidation of the Moldovan News Agency ATEM, MOLDPRES insistently acquired the status of official “voice” of the state, which issues written, photo and video information on political, economic, social, cultural, scientific, sports events of Moldova and from abroad to public and private institutions, written and audiovisual press, diplomatic missions, international press institutions.

Immediately after the foundation, the National News Agency Moldova-pres, as it was initially named, established the first cooperation relations with the Rompres National News Agency (Romania) and the ITAR-TASS News Agency (Russia).

Since the first day of the unleashing of the war of Transnistrian and till the signing of the ceasefire agreement, MOLDPRES reporters were consistently informing on the situation in the conflict-stricken zone, as it represented the only truthful information source from the region at that time.

Initially subordinated to the parliament, the Agency switched under the government’s administration in 1994 and became the editor of “Monitorul Oficial al Republicii Moldova” (Moldova’s Official Paper). Afterwards, structural changes occurred, which aimed at optimising the managerial work and turning MOLDPRES into a modern media body, with three main activity branches: publication of the Official Paper, spreading public wide interest information and the photo chronicle.

In 1996, the Agency became a state enterprise and carried out its activity in the self-financing regime. Next year, the agency established collaboration ties with the BELTA news agency (Belarus), and in 2001, MOLDPRES became a full-fledged member of the Association of Balkan News Agencies (ABNA) , which includes the concerned structures from Turkey, Albania, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, Yugoslavia and Macedonia.

In the same year, MOLDPRES signed cooperation agreements for the exchange of information with the DINAU News Agency (Ukraine), MTI (Hungary), NEW CHINA (China).

Starting from July 2001, already with the new name of MOLDPRES News Agency, it switched to the subordination of the Moldovan government’s State Chancellery.

The last change of the institution’s name was made in 2002, with MOLDPRES becoming State News Agency subordinated to the government.

An agreement on cooperation in the information sector was signed between the MOLDPRES Agency and BTA in Sofia, Bulgaria, on 20 May 2004. The event strengthened the status of MOLDPRES and BTA in the international information area.

In the summer of the same year, structure modifications took place, with the agency expecting the optimisation of the management work and the information policy.

A cooperation agreement between the UKRINFORM Ukrainian National News Agency and the MOLDPRES State News Agency was signed in March 2006, and in June of the same year, a collaboration protocol between MOLDPRES and the BELTA Telegraph Agency of Belarus was renewed.

In 2010, after a long period of stagnation, the cooperation relations between the National News Agencies of Romania and Moldova, AGERPRES and MOLDPRES, were resumed, with the mutual exchange of news, information, sale of photo products scheduled to be carried out.

Presently, MOLDPRES exchanges information with the news agencies: Agerpres (Romania), ITAR-TASS (Russia), Ukrinform (Ukraine), Belta (Belarus), BTA (Bulgaria), XINHUA (China) and others. The agency has a Press Centre with a modern conference hall and a Public Relations Centre within the editorial office of the Official Paper (Monitorul Oficial).

With the richest photo archive of Moldova, the Agency permanently completes its database with materials on state structure, political and economic events, international relations of Moldova, provides works and services in the activity sector: translations, editings, shootings, produces and sells photos, video films.

In line with the professional deontology, MOLDPRES is guided by the principle of work beyond any political, ideological and any other kinds of influences, that would affect the impartiality, exactness and pluralism.

On the occasion of the marking of its 20th anniversary, MOLDPRES published in perfect poly-graphic conditions a calendar dedicated to the outstanding events of the country’s life, worked out and launched a new portal, on which the latest news, photos, video materials, archive of the Official Paper, etc. are accessed. The actions organised in this context highlight the principal role of MOLDPRES of disseminator concerned with the quality of its services, consistent promoter of pluralism of ideas and free circulation of information. Over years, the Agency has resisted to numerous attempts to be turned into an instrument of manipulation in the hands of the ruling parties.

One of the Agency’s latest important activity trends is promotion of Moldova’s image in the world, covering events on the country’s integration into the European structures and implementation of the Western living standards.


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