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The Archive of Documents (Documentation)

Accumulated over two decades, the document fund is the real support for the provision of a wide range of services to interested persons:

  • Of informing in the field of current legislation by making available the Xeroxing of certain decrees by Moldovan president, codes of laws, parliament and government decisions, acts of the central public authorities and amendments to them (at request);
  • Of consulting, if the person knows approximately or does not know at all the name, official number of the act and when in what issue of the Official Paper the legislative/executive/normative document he/she is looking for was published;
  • Of historic documentation: acts referring to an important event starting from 1989 till present (anthem, coat of arms, state language, switch to the Latin script; creation of state structures and their modification; awarding distinctions; joining and cooperation with international organisations, bilateral relations with other states, etc.);
  • Of compiling packages of topic-related acts in the demanded sectors; economics, social area, culture, etc. (in reasonable time). 

Additional services provided at request:

  • news bulletins made in concert with the Foreign Ministry for dissemination abroad (1996-1999);
  • newspapers articles in topic-related paper cases: Transnistria, Autonomous Territorial Unit of Gagauzia, relations with other countries;
  • the news bulletins of the Moldpres State News Agency spread in 2003-2009 (on paper);
  • services of search of advertisements/notes of economic agents or losses of papers of private persons.


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Financial Analysis and Monitoring Division