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Republica Moldova 30 de ani de independență

Decision No 59 of 13 August, 2021 of National Commission for Public Health

13:33 | 14.08.2021 Category: Official

Based on the analysis of the epidemiological situation of COVID-19 infection and risk factors regarding the management of the emergency situation generated by SARS-CoV-2 virus in Moldova on 13.08.2021, conducted by the National Agency for Public Health, in the context of need maintaining the socio-economic conditions necessary for carrying out the activities specific to the national economy, simultaneously with the achievement of an adequate alert level for public health emergencies, pursuant to art. 58 of Law No 10/2009 on state surveillance of public health (Official Journal of the Republic of Moldova, 2009, No 67, art. 183), with subsequent amendments, and the national immunization plan against COVID-19, following the analysis of the evolution of the epidemiological situation and national and international vaccination coverage data, Extraordinary National Commission on Public Health


1. Based on statistical data on the incidence of SARS-VOC-2 infection, a national alert status of orange code shall be established, starting with 13 August 2021.

2. The measures for the prevention and control of SARS-CoV-2 infection, applicable at national level, are maintained, according to the Decision of the Extraordinary National Commission for Public Health no. 54 of April 29, 2021, with the following amendments and completions to the annex:

2.1. At point 1, subpoint. 1.1 will have the following content: “1.1. Mandatory wearing of protective masks in all closed public spaces, including public transport, as well as in open spaces where it is not possible to observe a physical distance of at least 1 meter. The mask should cover both the mouth and the nose. ”

2.2. Pt. 3, subpoint. 3.3 will have the following content: “3.3. In order to avoid the congestion of public transport, it is recommended to organize the work program by private employers, central and local public authorities and institutions, regardless of the method of financing and subordination, with a number of more than 50 employees, so that staff be divided into groups to start or finish the activity at a difference of at least one hour. "

2.3. Point 4 will have the following content:

"4. The following measures are in place to prevent and control COVID-19 infection when crossing the state border on the way to enter the Republic of Moldova:

4.1. Crossing the state border on the way to enter the Republic of Moldova is allowed without restrictions under the following conditions:

- presentation of the vaccination certificate against SARS-CoV-2 virus with complete vaccination schedule. Proof of immunization is valid if at least 14 days have elapsed since the completion of the complete vaccination schedule;

- presentation of the negative result of an RT-PCR test for SARS-CoV-2 virus infection not older than 72 hours or the certified negative result of a rapid antigen test for SARS-CoV-2 virus infection not older than 48 hours hours before boarding, for persons traveling by public transport, or before entering the territory of the Republic of Moldova, for persons traveling by their own means of transport. Confirmation must be submitted in one of the languages ​​Romanian, English, French, German, Italian or Russian.

- presentation of the confirmatory medical conclusion in the case of persons undergoing COVID-19, between the 15th and 180th day (6 months) or a confirmation of the presence of anti-COVID-19 antibodies, presented in one of the languages ​​Romanian, English, French, German, Italian or Russian. The confirmatory document shall be valid for a period of 90 days from the date of the investigation.

4.2. The persons who do not present the conditions stipulated in p. 4.1 are obliged to respect the self-isolation regime with a duration of 14 days. The respective persons will have to fill in the epidemiological file, as well as will sign the declaration on their own responsibility to observe the 14-day self-isolation regime in the declared places. In the case of minors up to 14 years of age, the epidemiological file and the declaration on their own responsibility are completed and signed by the legal representative or accompanying person. This regimen can be discontinued after the 7th day if it performs a COVID-19 PCR test or a rapid SARS-CoV-2 Ag diagnostic test, and its result is negative by a confirmed act.

4.3. Exceptions to the provisions of point 4.2 are established for the following categories of persons, if they do not show clinical signs of respiratory infection or fever:

4.3.1. children up to 12 years old;

4.3.2. pupils / students up to 18 years of age, who are to take exams, who go to study in educational units / institutions on the territory of the Republic of Moldova or abroad, or who travel for activities related to the completion / organization / development of studies / participation in international competitions or Olympics, with the presentation of confirmatory documents, as well as their companions;

4.3.3. crews and personnel serving aircraft / ships and brigades and personnel serving train sets, drivers and service personnel of road haulage vehicles and road haulage vehicles for a fee of more than 9 seats per seats, including the driver's seat. This exception will be valid until September 30, 2021;

4.3.4. persons traveling for health reasons, including the attendant, as appropriate (with presentation of supporting documents);

4.3.5. cross-border workers entering the Republic of Moldova from Romania or Ukraine, as well as those from the Republic of Moldova employees of economic agents from the mentioned countries, who prove the contractual relations with the respective economic agents. This exception will be valid until September 30, 2021;

4.3.6. holders of diplomatic, service, official and special passports and the like, as well as holders of Laissez-Passer travel documents issued by the United Nations, including family members of diplomatic and consular missions, and international organizations / missions accredited to the Republic of Moldova , and / or personnel involved in providing humanitarian aid;

4.3.7. persons in transit (not exceeding 24 hours from the moment of registration of entry into the Republic of Moldova), the transit itinerary being established by the General Inspectorate of Border Police;

4.3.8. the persons who are summoned by the courts / law enforcement bodies of the Republic of Moldova, as well as their legal representatives, a fact proved by confirmatory documents in this respect. ”

3. Access is allowed in public catering institutions in closed spaces, theaters, museums, cinemas, libraries, agreement areas, festivities (weddings, birthdays, birthdays, etc.), mass events (festivals, fairs, etc.). , sports centers and sports pools with the participation of visitors / spectators up to 50% of the maximum capacity of the space, but not more than 250 people in an enclosed space, ensuring an area of ​​at least 4 m2 for each person, in strict compliance with the rules of health protection.

4. It is allowed to organize public events in open spaces provided that the wearing of protective masks if the physical distance of more than 1 meter cannot be ensured. The protective mask must cover both the mouth and the nose.

5. The Ministry of Health will ensure:

5.1. assessment of the degree of readiness and response capacity of medical institutions and services in case of a possible aggravation of the epidemiological situation by COVID-19;

5.2. ensuring an adequate level of preparedness of the components of the health system to respond effectively in the event of a public health emergency (bed fund, stock of medicines, vaccines, consumables, medical equipment, access to diagnostic and treatment services);

5.3. accelerating the increase of vaccine coverage against COVID-19 by implementing targeted information campaigns for different sections of the population on the benefits of vaccination and the risks that may be caused by COVID-19;

6. The Ministry of Internal Affairs will ensure:

6.1. intensification of measures for the prevention and control of COVID-19 infection at border crossing points, with the streamlining of passenger traffic according to the requirements of the pandemic situation, depending on the degree of alert;

6.2. intensifying the control of the observance of the measures for prevention and control of COVID-19 infection, according to the provisions of the decisions of the Extraordinary National Commission of Public Health, in closed and open public spaces, public transport, agricultural markets, shopping centers, recreational areas, etc .;

6.3. support in the active monitoring of people placed in self-isolation, in home treatment and contacts;

6.4. active involvement of the staff in the implementation of the vaccination campaign;

6.5. vaccination coverage of at least 70% of subordinate staff.

7. The Civil Aviation Authority shall ensure:

7.1. access to the premises of Chisinau International Airport only for passengers, with the presentation of the travel ticket (without companions, etc.);

7.2. distribution and completion through airlines of the Epidemiological Data Sheet for passengers and passengers on board the aircraft;

7.3. creating optimal conditions for the separation of passenger flows at all stages of control, including until leaving the airport;

7.4. avoidance of congestion in coaches for the transport of passengers to and from the ship;
8. The Electronic Government Agency, together with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, will develop and implement a series of digital solutions to streamline the control of compliance with COVID infection prevention and control measures19:

8.1. interoperable digital certificate of vaccination, testing, cure of COVID-19 - by October 1, 2021;

8.2. electronic system for completing online the Epidemiological File for passengers and passengers crossing the state border of the Republic of Moldova on the direction of entry - by October 1, 2021;

8.3. mobile application for the supervision of persons for whom the regime of self-isolation and / or treatment at home is established.

9. The heads of subordinate institutions, enterprises, organizations, agencies and institutions, regardless of the form of ownership, shall ensure a safe environment of activity in the workplace and the active facilitation and encouragement of subordinate staff for vaccination against COVID-19, as the only public health measure to prevent and control infection, in order to achieve a vaccination rate among employees of at least 70%.

10. Extraordinary territorial public health commissions:

10.1. They will facilitate the organization of the vaccination process against COVID19 and will convene at least once every 2 weeks to discuss the results and challenges of the vaccination process, with the identification and implementation of the necessary actions;

10.2. will set as an objective a vaccination coverage of 70% of the eligible population at the level of each administrative territory.

11. The Decisions of the Extraordinary National Commission for Public Health no. 55 of May 31, 2021, no. 57 of July 17, 2021 and no. 58 of July 23, 2021.

12. The decisions of the Extraordinary National Commission of Public Health are executory for the central and local public administration authorities, for natural and legal persons, regardless of the field of activity and the legal form of organization.

13. The extraordinary territorial commissions of public health will ensure the revision of all the approved decisions / dispositions, bringing them in accordance with the decisions of the Extraordinary National Commission of Public Health of the Republic of Moldova.

14. Representatives of the media are requested to inform the public about the provisions of this decision and the need to strictly observe the restrictive measures and the measures for the prevention and control of COVID-19 infection.

15. Failure to comply with the public health measures set out in this Decision constitutes a danger to public health and will serve as a basis for the application of measures for the contravention and / or criminal liability of natural and legal persons.

16. This decision shall enter into force on 16 August 2021 and shall be published on the official website of the Government.

Prime Minister Natalia GAVRILIȚA

Deputy head of the Commission, Minister for Health Ala NEMERENCO

Secretary of the Commission, interim director of the National Agency for Public Health Vasile GUȘTIUC

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