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Moldovan president's message at ceremony dedicated to Day of Memory and Gratitude, to commemorate heroes dead at Transnistria War

13:47 | 02.03.2024 Category: Official

Dear fellow countrymen,

Dear veterans,

Each year, the beginning of spring in our country is shadowed by the grievous memory of a terrible armed conflict which took hundreds of lives and broke several thousands of destinies.    

Today, on the Memory and Gratitude Day, we speak about the wounded and maimed people, about the children who remained orphan, about the widows who lost their husbands and the parents who had to prematurely bury their sons, who sacrificed themselves for our motherland - Republic of Moldova.   

We bow before the heroes of that days and weeks, when the peace and good understanding on our land were jolted by the deafening noise of the bullets and shells. They say that the time cures the wounds. But our society still has a deep wound, which the mere passing of the time cannot treat.   

By keeping the memory of the battles at Dniester from 1992, we solemnly assume to never repeat those tragedies. And even if there are still forces which try to plant distrust and discord between us, I say clearly and outrightly: they will not succeed - either now or in the long run!

The people from the two banks of Dniester do not have what to divide. No matter whether they live in Chisinau or Tiraspol, in Balti or Tighina, in Comrat or Taraclia, the people from Moldova value, more than ever, the peace and freedom! 

I thank all those who make sure that there is order and peace in our country at present. We are grateful to each policeman, carabineer, rescuer, fireman, each serviceman - general, colonel, major, captain, lieutenant, non-commissioned officer, sergeant, corporal or soldier, for love for the nation, for sacrifices and for the fact that they watch over everybody’s safety. Since the war has ravaged the neighbour country Ukraine, just at our border, your effort is particularly valuable.    

Moldova is at the crucial moment at present. The decision on the opening of the negotiations on accession to the European Union represents for our country a historical chance to unite everybody around a country project which is to ensure a future in peace and prosperity for the people from both banks of Dniester – no matter the language they speak and the community to which they belong.      

I want, at the same time, to thank the veterans for that fact that they convey, day after day, year after year, the inestimable lesson of love for the freedom and nation to the young generation. These people put at risk their lives and health for the country and our duty, even in difficult times, is to be with them, always grateful. 

We should learn from you the important lesson of the dignity, of courage before the evil and of the devotion. Namely these values make a nation strong.    

Ladies and gentlemen,

On 2 March, we mark also Moldova’s accession to the United Nations Organization. This forum was created at the end of the World War II, in order to ensure the security and peace in the world and the UN Charter confirms the intangible character of the territorial integrity and of the national sovereignty!

Thus, by accepting Moldova among its members, the international community recognized that our borders are inalienable – and that the right of the strongest does not replace and neither can it replace the international norms, equally applicable to all states, no matter the territorial size, army’s force or volume of the economy.    

Hence, we are fully entitled to do our utmost for the country’s peaceful reintegration. And those who try, through lies and propaganda, to bring destabilization, to create false dissensions between all people of this country, will fail in their attempt to stop us our on our way.     

The care for our veterans stays a holy duty and the competent institutions will be with all those who had suffered in the wake of the tragedy which hit the country in early spring, 32 years ago. Your grief is and will remain the grief of all of us.



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