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Moldovan PM announces resignation

13:03 | 12.06.2015 Category: Official

Chisinau, 12 June /MOLDPRES/ - Prime Minister Chiril Gaburici resigned today, the government’s communication and media relations department has reported.

Here is Chiril Gaburici’s message conveyed at a briefing reads, during which he tendered resignation:

„Good morning!

I said yesterday that I will make statements. I believe that all citizens are equal before the law and justice is the same for everybody. I think that a prime minister, as any Moldovan citizen ,should support an objective and transparent investigation and to benefit from it. I am sorry that I let the issue of holding or not a diploma to get different connotations and to be used as an instrument for political games. Nevertheless, I insisted on the law-enforcement bodies starting doing their job till I was to comment. I did not want to fuel instrumented scenarios. 

Today, I want to make an unprecedented announcement for Moldova. I want to announce my resignation. I believe that once this done, there will be no suspicion that the investigation was not carried out correctly and transparently, and the issue of my diploma, which has no objective importance in the context of the present economic situation in Moldova, will be withdrawn from the agenda. Thus, the public opinion will focus on real problems of the country.

At the same time, in the system created in Moldova now, a manager has no power and free hand in the office of prime minister. And I,  with the 3 set priorities and worked out action plan, need access to necessary instruments and political will on behalf of all parties both of the coalition and the opposition ones ,in order to change Moldova’s course. 

I have already talked about the situation of banks, insurances system, general situation in the economy and country. I believe that we cannot mime reforms and urgent and concrete actions are needed in order to improve things. Otherwise, we become accomplices and prisoners of the present situation.

Now, I appeal to the coalition’s leaders to see in my resignation a step forward, an immediate start to create a new parliamentary majority and a new government. I want the fight against corruption, depoliticizing of all institutions, as well as securing of the financial and banking sector to be put at the basis of the new government’s action programme. I also want the initiatives of the government, of my team, to be followed for the good and prosperity of Moldova. I hope that my resignation will mean for the coalition the creation of a new parliamentary majority, a stable one this time. 

I want to thank the coalition which nominated me and the parties which voted for me and backed me for trust. I want to thank development partners for the generous support provided to Moldova and its citizens and to thank the entire cabinet of ministers for work and devotion. I want to thank the team with which I fought fiercely, sometimes with windmills.

Not in the least, I want to thank the Moldovans and to assure them that my gesture is not a step back, but a step forward for Moldova, and the 3 months I was at the government ensured, by launching more initiatives, the shaking of the system. I hope that now it will be possible to restart engines urgently and to avoid a political and governmental crisis.

I want to assure you that, regardless of what I will further do, I will remain a supporter of modernisation and development of Moldova. I realise which were the political games and I understand the image which was created around me. I did not oppose and did not build back, in my turn, scenarios or PR campaigns. I did not want to fuel foreign games. I came to the government's head in order to work and produce results and, together with my team – this is what I did.

In fact, everything is very simple. The objective value of any man does not increase with merited or idle praises brought to him/her and does not decrease with dirt put unfairly on him. The objective value of any of us is directly proportional to the kindness and good results left behind. And  I have enough nice results and I will continue to build them.

I made it with myself and the decisions taken at any time of my life. They made me what I am today. I am aware that my gesture will be interpreted, reinterpreted and used by certain groups of interests. Yet, my gesture is not a political one. I am not a politician. I am a manager and my gesture is rather strategic and mathematical.

Thank you a lot for support! Have a nice day!”

(Editor L. Alcaza)



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