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Moldovan Liberal Democrats urge right-wing parties to unite in pro-European partnership

14:04 | 10.10.2017 Category: Political

Chisinau, 10 October /MOLDPRES/- The leadership of the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova today organized a news conference urging the right-wing parties to unite in a pro-European political partnership.

The party leaders criticized the amendment to the Electoral Code saying that the mixed vote would be “an agreement between the ruling parties that want to eliminate the other parties from the political arena”.

They added that government communication on the matter is strange and unconstructive. “They refuse to understand the seriousness of the discussions in the European parliament and prove total cognitive dissonance when saying in Brussels that reforms are implemented in Moldova, justice is independent and fight against corruption is growing”, PLDM leader Viorel Cibotaru said.

Cibotaru said that it is now imperative “to create a common front on the right”. “There is a precedent. In 2005, despite compatibility issues, a common platform was created and this has resulted in change of power. We, PLDM, call for the unity of all right-wing pro-European opposition forces. It is the only chance to stop the government and save democracy and the pro-European development path of Moldova. The wasting of this opportunity will irremediably transform Moldova into the poorest country in Europe”, he said.

PLDM lawmaker Tudor Deliu said that the appeal is directed to all right-wing parties, including the Action and Solidarity Party and Dignity and Truth Platform Party.


(Reporter A. Zara, editor A. Răileanu)