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Moldovan president delivers speech in parliament

14:08 | 17.03.2023 Category: Political

Chisinau, March 17. /MOLDPRES/- President Maia Sandu gave a speech today in the plenary session of the Parliament and said that the Republic of Moldova must become a European state by 2030, and the government will make an effort to fulfill the conditions. She asked the parliament to set up an Anti-Corruption Court - a specialized court to investigate cases of grand corruption and ended the speech with the phrase: "We are the generation that will bring Moldova into the European Union".

The President said that the Republic of Moldova must be a member country of the European Union. "Now is our real chance. To become a full member of the European family. We have the support of the EU states. Moldovans have chosen the European path, but how quickly we will get there depends on all of us. For three decades, Moldova, led by different parties, politicians, governments, tried to go down several roads. The truth is that they all failed. At the same time, the states that became members of the European Union in the last two decades, now provide welfare and security for their citizens. I ask you, dear deputies, who do not support Moldova's accession to the European Union: what party ideology stops you from taking the country out of the darkness and recognizing that there is no other development path for Moldova than European integration. The CIS, the Customs Union, the Eurasian Economic Union, the option and with each other did not get us anywhere. Some politicians lied to the people. To buy voters. Or to steal the country? Some continue to lie even now. And people continue to leave for the European Union. To seek a better life, because none of these lies represents the way of Moldova. We no longer want Moldovans to flee to the European Union. We want the European Union to be at our home. I chose this path. A European Moldova, not because it is easy, but because it is the only chance for Moldovans to have a good life in peace, in their home. It is, in fact, the only way that ensures the survival of Moldova as a free and strong country", the head of state said.

She added that for years, various so-called politicians have divided the country and used all kinds of lies to get personal benefits. "Even today, when Ukraine is moaning about the horrors of war and the preservation of peace is the concern of all our citizens, we have here in the Parliament deputies employed by hostile forces from the Kremlin who have only one goal - to sow chaos, to cause violence and war. No one will convince Moldovans that genocide can be justified. The war is condemned all over the world, and even today there are people in our Parliament who do not see any crime in Russia's invasion of Ukraine. There are parties that have not yet condemned the war. They are agents of the Kremlin who, after stealing billions, are using the citizens in need to save their skin and destroy Moldova further. Stop the division so that we can unite our society, so that all citizens have a good life, European incomes, live in well-developed villages and cities! I call on all political forces to put the accession to the European Union above narrow interests and to support this path unconditionally. Of course, we can and must polemicize, debate the content and form of reforms, but the mission of all of us is to build for citizens. A European life here. Regardless of the political color, the people who elected you want to live at home, as they see it being lived in European countries. It's time to stop holding citizens captive with scarecrows, do your duty. You often go through European cities, even those who shout against the European Union. Even if they ran out of the hall, I'm sure they can hear me. The children of some of you study there. You go on vacation there. Others also have European passports. Some even benefit from social payments, do business in the EU", added Maia Sandu.

The country's president said that only threats, embargoes and blackmail come from Kremlin. "Only war, suffering and poverty come from there. The European Union is our only chance to build a country where only its citizens have the right to decide their own destiny. We hardly took down the gangs of bandits from power, and here, some are already making plans to sell the country to Kremlin in order to return to power and strangle Moldova further. And the thieves, and the sellers of the country, and the Kremlin have the same goal - to make Moldova weak so that they can use it as they please. The Shot Group has a clear mission from Kremlin to bring war to Moldova. Their goal is to organize destabilization.

Moldavans were never allied with the killers. And those who want to see the country at war must be stopped and punished. They do not represent our people. The institutions of Moldova will not allow the country to be worshiped by criminals. Or you who sell the interest of the country. Do you think you can also be on the side of the killer and deceive yourself that you want peace?", said Sandu.

The President requested the Parliament and the Government to collaborate as closely as possible and lead the European change of the country in all areas. "It is time for all of us to take this decision, all the citizens, all the politicians who want to bring welfare and social justice to Moldova, all those who govern today and all those who are in the opposition. It is not enough for the Parliament to make good laws and the Government to act correctly, our will as a people is essential. United all, of any ethnicity, we work for the future of our country. And I want to assure all our citizens that the Republic of Moldova is not currently in danger of war coming to the territory of our country.

The Russian army cannot get here as long as Ukraine stands and defends Moldova as well. We are grateful to the Ukrainians for their heroism and their love of freedom. Russian army cannot reach the territory of our country, Kremlin is trying to destabilize the situation inside, paying the thieves from Moldova with dirty money. But our institutions work very seriously to prevent these destabilization attempts. I thank them for their work. As long as I am president, Moldova will stand upright. Today, Moldova is not alone. Together we have earned the respect of free and powerful countries of the world. The President of Romania firmly stated that Bucharest will not abandon the Republic of Moldova. We have the guaranteed support of the United States of America and EU member countries. Moldova enjoys international support and unprecedented attention from democratic countries, from prosperous countries. Moldova's voice has weight and is respected. This year our freedom has been put to the toughest test since independence. We are in conditions that have not existed since World War II. But Moldova stands firm and upright. This is the merit of all Moldovans who do their job well where they are", concluded Sandu.




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