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Academician Ion Tighineanu: EU accession to boost development of science

12:18 | 16.11.2023 Category: Interview, Event

Interview given exclusively for MOLDRES by Academician Ion Tighineanu, candidate for the position of President of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova.

MOLDPRES: Dear Mr. Academician, you are the only candidate for the position of president of AȘM, to be elected at the institution's General Assembly on November 17. How does it favor you?

Ion Tighineanu: This was the decision of the General Assemblies of the Science Sections, which, according to the Regulation, put forward candidates for the position of president of the AȘM. I feel honored by the decision of the Assemblies, which analyzed the results of my scientific and managerial activity throughout my life, as well as the appreciations of scientists at national and international level.

MOLDPRES: What are the prospects for the development of science in the Republic of Moldova in the context of our country's accession to the European Union in the near or more distant future?

Ion Tighineanu: Given the experience of the countries that have joined the EU in the last 15-20 years, including Romania's experience, we hope that the EU membership will bring us structural funds and facilitate drawing foreign investments in various sectors of the economy, which will also boost the implementation processes of scientific results in the real sector. The prospects for the development of science in the context of EU accession are promising, we can only hope for a dynamic and fast accession process. Thus, joining the EU will boost the development of science in our country.

MOLDPRES: The average age of AȘM members is quite advanced. How will you be able to rejuvenate the Academy of Sciences of Moldova?

Ion Tighineanu: I advocated and am advocating that in the case of candidates with equivalent scientific achievements, younger age should be an advantage. I believe, like my colleagues from the country and abroad that promotion to Academy membership is based on meritocracy.

MOLDPRES: AȘM has created an excellent image on an international scale. What will you do for the Academy to be appreciated on a national scale as well?

Ion Tighineanu: In research, it often happens that scientists first promote an impeccable image in the West, before they are properly appreciated at home. This is sometimes the case with academic structures as well. I believe that the ever closer collaboration with the Romanian Academy and many other academies, including the European academies, will help us establish ourselves on a national scale as well. We will continue efforts for effective collaboration with society and decision-makers. For this purpose, we have created communication platforms and specialized commissions, in the activity of which notorious personalities from the country and abroad are increasingly attracted.

MOLDPRES: Your program as a candidate for the position of president envisages the creation of an interdisciplinary fundamental research center at AȘM. What is considered under the conditions in which institutes operate within universities?

Ion Tighineanu: Fundamental research is the basis of the development of science in general, the Academies being responsible for their promotion. Some Academies have already undertaken to carry out fundamental interdisciplinary projects. Thus, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences is responsible for carrying out four fundamental multidisciplinary projects, despite the fact that it no longer has research institutes under its control. The mission of the interdisciplinary fundamental research center, which is proposed to be created within the AȘM, is to prepare and promote scientific projects in collaboration with local and foreign partners. We have members of the Academy, founders of scientific schools with a solid multidisciplinary training, capable of carrying out major interdisciplinary projects.

MOLDPRES: Thanks for the interview. We wish you good luck!





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